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In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian law enforcement, Commissioner Fatai Owoseni stands as a distinguished figure with a rich legacy of service, leadership, and controversy. Born on August 17, 1962, in the southwestern region of Nigeria, Owoseni’s journey from academic excellence to the upper echelons of the Nigeria Police Force is a tale of commitment and dedication.

Academic Journey:

Owoseni pursued higher education at the University of Benin, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Diplomacy. Graduating with a Second Class Lower (2.2) grade in 2007, he displayed academic prowess during his academic journey. His commitment to continuous professional development is evident in obtaining a diploma in Police Management (DPM) from the University of Jos.

 Career in the Nigeria Police Force:

Commencing his illustrious career in January 1984, Commissioner Owoseni steadily rose through the ranks, culminating in his role as the Commissioner of Police until his retirement in January 2019. Notably, his leadership acumen shone through during key assignments, such as Commissioner of Police in Lagos State and the crucial deployment to Benue State during herdsmen and farmers clashes.

International Assignments and Contributions:

Owoseni’s impact extended beyond national borders, as seen in his roles as the Senior Police Adviser for the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). His diplomatic and strategic skills played a pivotal role in shaping the UN Security Council Resolution on UNAMID, showcasing his global influence.

Skills and Expertise:

A multifaceted professional, Commissioner Owoseni possesses expertise in various domains, including crime analysis, security sector reform, conflict management, and peacekeeping operations. His proficiency in public speaking and research further amplifies his capabilities, contributing significantly to law enforcement and policy formulation.

Fatai Owoseni’s Personal Life and Legacy:

While maintaining a private family life, Commissioner Owoseni’s enduring legacy is marked by professionalism, dedication, and strategic leadership. His wealth of experience continues to be a valuable asset, particularly in his current role as a Special Adviser, addressing complex security challenges in Oyo State.

Controversy and Dismissal:

However, Owoseni’s career faced a turning point with the lavish wedding of his daughter in June 2017, which reportedly led to his dismissal as Commissioner of Police. The extravagant ceremony, deemed inappropriate for a public officer, triggered his subsequent removal. Efforts to resist redeployment and seek intervention proved futile, marking a controversial chapter in his distinguished career.


Commissioner Fatai Owoseni’s journey is a tapestry of accomplishment, controversy, and resilience. His contributions to law enforcement, security, and peacekeeping leave an indelible mark, while the controversies surrounding his dismissal add a complex layer to his narrative. As a beacon of public service, Owoseni’s story continues to unfold, illustrating the intricate intersections of personal and professional life in the realm of Nigerian law enforcement.

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